Tips for a successful commercial fit out

key points to follow when renovating your workplace or offices.

Looking for some tips for a successful commercial fit out? Deciding to renovate your office / work space is a big decision. Always do your research into what will work best for your company, staff and customers. Choosing the right company to carry out your fit out is important as you are making a big investment into your business. Here at Píu Alto we pride ourselves on providing the best advice and finished product, we special in bespoke fit outs to ensure your company is one of a kind. You can rest assured your work space will have that wow factor. Positivity is key to any change in a company for both management and staff.

 1: Budget

Work out how much you want to invest in this renovation. You have to be realistic when creating your design and budget. You won’t get a high quality finish at a low quality price. Decide what part of your renovation needs must improvement and what will be most beneficial to your company.


2: Areas of improvement

What will improve your work place the most? What are you looking to achieve with this renovation?  If you are looking to improve Employee satisfaction in the workplace, you should focus more attention on break areas and work space areas. Is it first impressions you are looking to improve? This can be easily achieved with a new reception area. Or maybe you are looking to improve both! Figure out what is important in this renovation and what goals you are looking to achieve.

3: Design

Choosing your design and colours are a major part of this renovation if not the most important. What kind of environment do you want to create? We can help you research what will work best in each area of your work place. We have several different surfaces and design features you can choose from to make your space stand out. Any ideas you may bring forward we would be happy to explore.

4: Productivity

We always work with minimal disruption to your workforce when refurbishing a current work space. You do not want to hinder current productivity in your workplace. We advise to give staff plenty of notice before any refurbishment starts so everyone is aware and informed of what is happening at all times.

 5: Advertise your growth

Make your customers aware of your improvements to your work place. It is a good way of advertising your company and informing the public of your growth. People will be impressed with your individuality and creativeness when they see what you have done to your dated work space. Creating a positive working environment is known to boost staff productivity. Your staff will be proud to say they work in your company after all your improvements!

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