Domestic Surfaces

The heart of any home is truly its kitchen, and the heart of all good kitchens are its counter tops they are where we meet and eat, sit and chat, laugh and cry and thats why your counter top should be fit for all occasions.

For many years now Piu’Alto have been working with our clients to bring their ideas to life, creating spaces that are more than just functional. We love to work with clients who are hungry for something special, something unique, who have clear ideas & who are trying to give the family home the wow factor. But don’t despair, if you are not sure what you are looking for we are here to help.
At Piu’Alto we will take the time to run through ideas with you, to help you imagine the space you need, we know textures, materials, colours, and we understand budgets and space restrictions, we know how to turn all these factors into the perfect space just for you.

So drop us an email,, call 041 6862000 or simply call out to us today, we are happy to help.