Choosing the right reception desk

Choosing the right reception desk

Your reception desk is one of the first things people see when entering your building. You want to create the right impression which is why choosing the right design is important. There are many factors you need to consider when designing your new reception desk. The reception area is where a lot of meeting and greeting will take place. Try to make this area as inviting to all potential and existing customers as possible. We will go through the importance of these factors below.

The space available

When designing your reception desk take into consideration the space you have to work within your reception area and how you can utilize this space best. How much of an impact do you want your reception desk to make? The space and location designated for the desk will need to be one of the first things decided. If your reception desk is too small this can make the work space look cluttered. Documentation and displays tend to gather on smaller working areas, incorporating storage space and designated display areas in the reception desk can work well in small spaces.

The customer experience

When designing a new reception desk you have to consider all aspects you need to accommodate for. The requirements for an office building may vary from the requirements of a Medical Surgery, accessibility and privacy may be key factors for a reception desk in a medical surgery. If it is a busy area you may need to consider surface space needed for perhaps filling out paper work or a separate payment area. In order for all aspects to be covered we would recommend creating a spreadsheet with all eventualities for your reception area. Try to cater for most if not all of these requirements so you can ensure each customer / client will have an enjoyable experience when visiting your company.

The Style

We feel one of the most exciting parts of updating your reception area is getting the opportunity to draw up new designs and play with different looks and styles. If you already have furniture pieces you want to keep we recommend keeping the design of the reception desk close to the design you already have. There are many different materials and colours to choose from.  If you have a colour that represents your company you could incorporate this colour into the design. Also the use of LED lights is now becoming increasingly popular to add that extra feature to the area.



The Psychology of Colours and how they may impact visitors to your reception area.


The colour blue has a calming effect to the mind. Blue is known to lower the heart rate and reduce appetite. Blue also represents dependability. People are more productive in blue rooms.


Grey suggests authority, practicality, earnestness and creativity. Business wise it is traditional and conservative.


White suggests refined, purity, devotion, contemporary and truthfulness. For business it can be sterile and refreshing.


Black suggests authority, power, boldness, seriousness, is distinguishing and classic. Business wise it’s great for creating drama and is good for a background colour.


Greens and blues are used in most health care product advertising. Greens are used to calm the nerves. Dark green would also be commonly associated with money and is associated with ambition. Greens work very well in offices.


The colour Yellow tends to convey happiness. Lemon can make a person’s mouth water. Red, orange and yellow can cause hunger.


The colour orange stimulates the brain and mental activity. Orange is associated with healthy food.


Red brings text and images to the foreground. It is used as an accent colour to stimulate people to make quick decisions. Red instantly attracts your attention, and increases your heart rate.

It is important for your client to feel welcome when entering your business. A soft muted orange such as peach would create a positive and welcoming feeling while soft yellow would be cheerful and happy. If a lot of decisions are made in your reception area a soft blue-green would be a good colour to use here.
Different businesses will want to create different atmospheres, for example, if your business is a beauty salon, pink or a soft coral colour in the reception area will give the impression that your client will be pampered and indulged. If you are redesigning a reception area for a dentist or doctor, it is best to choose calming and reassuring colours such as green or blue, with a touch of pink for compassion.