Admonter came into being over four decades ago. One could make an argument for centuries rather than decades. The area surrounding Admont is well wooded, and timber has in fact been processed here since time immemorial. Since 1874 timber processing has been carried out here on an industrial basis, with Stift Admont Holzindustrie (abbreviated to STIA) operating from here since 1972.

STIA is a commercial operation linked with the local Benedictine abbey. Admonter produce natural wood floors, panels and staircases, and these products of have made quite a name for themselves. Admonter, This name is at the same time an acknowledgement of where they come from and a commitment. It guarantees that all their production is carried out on site. This ensures the high quality of their products and also the wellbeing of the region. This keeps alive an understanding of craftsmanship that has grown from one generation to the next, and also develops it further.