5 Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen In February!

See our 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen In February!

1. Cover ugly counter tops.

Putting in brand new counter tops is not a small change. So to improve on what you have, try one of these tips. If you’re a renter and can’t make any permanent changes, top a portion of your counter top with a big handsome chopping board, It’s functional and good-looking!
If you’re not a renter and are feeling ambitious, you can upgrade your counter top to a solid surface or solid wood surface, and of course here at Piu Alto we would be happy to help with this! Changing your work surface can make all the difference. If you can only upgrade one element of your kitchen right now, this should be top on the list.

2. Upgrade your Kitchen wear!

Upgrading your plates, cups and dishes can really brighten up your kitchen, especially if you display these in a glass sideboard. Try going for fresh colours, these can make your kitchen seem less cluttered. You will feel a massive difference in your space just by doing these simple upgrades.

3. Add more storage space with small baskets.

Wire shelves and under-cabinet baskets make sure you’re using all the space available in your cabinets, and even your fridge and freezer. Using these small baskets to organise your things can take mess and culture away from your counter tops giving you more space. This can make your kitchen feel bigger and leave you with more work space for cooking.

4. Update your kitchen doors.

Switching out your old door knobs or pulls for something more modern or decorative can really transform the look of your cabinets, particularly if they’re dated old handles. New door knobs are a quick and easy way to refurbish your kitchen cabinets while adding a touch of individuality.

5. Change of lighting.

Adding or changing lights in your kitchen can make all the difference. Switching out an overhead light fixture is much easier than it sounds. Installing down lighting under cabinets can create a relaxed and modern atmosphere This can be done very easily with strip LED lights that can be bought in most electrical stores.